Why Do You Need a Website?

In today’s day and age, a business’s online presence, especially a website, can have a massive impact on its overall success. It is crazy to think that even today, some businesses, still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will engage in online research prior to making any purchasing decisions.

Having a strong online presence, which includes a strong website, can be a make or break it in generating more interest, traffic and revenue. As with logo design, a well-constructed website is responsible for creating credibility for your brand, building your reputation, and generating leads.

What Makes a Quality Website?

A quality website is clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, clear/concise, functional, branded, and clearly motivates the visitor to do business with you. In today’s fast-paced environment, people want fast solutions to their questions or problems. Make it easy for them. They also want to look at something that is visually appealing. Give them that with a quality website.

A big part of a quality website is its responsiveness or mobile-friendliness. With over 1/2 of the web browsing done via a mobile device, it has become more important that your website design is viewable and functional across all platforms.

At Arktos, I provide my clients with customized WordPress designs. WordPress is a growing platform in the web design community that has seen the number of total websites built within the platform to over 30% worldwide. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is Mobile-Friendly, SEO (search engine optimized) and User-Friendly ensuring your new or redesigned website will do wonders for building a strong online presence.

Are you looking for a Website?