Project Details

Client: Ian and Addison
Date: March 2020
Skills: Web Design

Total Number of Pages

Turnaround Days

The Client

Ian and Addison contact me via my website looking for a website build for the new company they started in 2019. They provide air sampling for asbestos and mould abatements, lead and silica air monitoring throughout Central Alberta. It was important to them, as a new business, to have somewhere they could direct potential clients, as well as having potential clients find information about their services. 


After our initial meeting, both Ian and Addison were excited to start the project with the ideas I purposed during our discussion. They had a good handle on the information they felt was the most important to be shown on the site, which is always extremely helpful. There were a couple of ideas that I have used in previous website builds that they thought would also be nice additions to their project. So once I had all the information and some imagery/videos I set off to complete a web design that was both informative and visually appealing.


The creative process started at a different point for me, as I needed to have a more in-depth conversation with my clients about how to properly organize and design. the website to best suit their needs, while keeping it within their budget. We had to get a bit more creative with the “Services” section of the website and use anchor links in the menu. This allowed me to keep the overall cost down by limiting the number of pages. In today’s day and age, with people being more accustomed to scrolling, it is better to build longer pages in your mobile designs rather than a ton of links and navigation.

I used the colour scheme found in their logo as well as matched their logo fonts with complementary fonts from Google to keep their branding consistent. The final product is super clean, super modern and super user-friendly. All important aspects in website design for 2021.


The final design is a mobile-friendly, clean, and simple design that is easy to navigate for all visitors to the site. It clearly lays out the services Alliance Air Monitoring offers, their company history and qualifications, and how to contact them if you require their services. Both Ian and Addison were very impressed with the final product and had very minor adjustments that had to be made to get to. the product you see now…live on the web!

Graphic Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, CSS and Layout Customization

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