Project Details

Client: Matt and Kelly
Date: May 2021
Skills: Web Design

Total Number of Pages

Turnaround Days

The Client

Matt and Kelly from Alberta Parking Lot Services contacted me in April 2021 looking to get an update done to their existing website. They specialize in parking lot and road maintenance and repair in both the commercial and industrial sectors in Central Alberta. They felt their old design was old and dated. They were also concerned about the functionality of the existing site as some features had stopped working properly. 


After discussing the problems APLS was having with their previous site, we switched focus to have a discussion about what would be the best plan of attack in building the new site. The main focus was to be drawn to 4 major categories of services, giving it a more modern look and ensuring the site was completely mobile-friendly.


The creative process began by organizing the layout of the homepage to draw attention to the 4 main categories Matt and Kelly were looking for. Using a combination of provided and stock imagery, I was able to lay out the benefits of the main services. From there, I supplemented the design with APLS’s additional services, some company information and their commitment to safety, which is extremely important information to provide their customers

The subpages were an opportunity to expand upon the service information and provide more images of the services that APLS provides. The expansion of this information and proper image tagging creates better SEO engagement and will hopefully cause a drastic increase in the amount of traffic the new APLS website sees.

The final component of the design was the customized header and footer sections. Providing quick links to getting a quote and the company’s contact information would quickly allow visitors to contact APLS quickly and easily. I utilized the colours found in their logo to create a strong contrast and draw attention to the important sections.


The final design is a mobile-friendly, clean, and functioning design that is easy to navigate for all visitors to the site. It clearly lays out the major services Alberta Parking Lot Services wanted to bring to the forefront. It also allows for potential customers to contact APLS easily and efficiently.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, CSS and Layout Customization

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