Project Details

Client: Patricia
Date: August 2021
Skills: Web Design

Total Number of Pages

Turnaround Days

The Client

I had the pleasure of working with Patricia on the creation of her logo earlier in the year and part of that discussion was to also have a new website built for the company. Sierra Business Service’s role is to serve as a trusted advisor to businesses, no matter what business they are in or where they are in their growth cycle. 


Being involved in the logo design process, allowed me to have a full understanding of the branding identity that Sierra would be looking for in their web design as well. After our discussion about what Sierra Business Services did, it was quickly determined that the best course of action would be to create a simple one-page design that could easily be expanded upon in the future, as required.


The creative process began by organizing the layout of the single-page design to draw attention to the hierarchy of information provided by the client. My client didn’t have a wide variety or catalogue of images or marketing materials, as this was a brand new business. So, it was up to me to find the right stock imagery that would support their branding identity.

From there, I used the logo design to set the text hierarchy, colour scheme and overall look and feel of the website. The red is the logo provided the perfect opportunity to use that same colour for the most important information. Due to the simplicity of the design, I used more animation than normal to provide so much-needed visual interest in the layout. Strong contrasting colour broke different areas of the website out and was supported with an anchor link menu.


The final design is a simple, mobile-friendly, clean, and functional design. It clearly lays out the major services Sierra Business Services provides and will allow for easy expansion as required down the road.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, CSS and Layout Customization

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