Jasmine - Christmas 2020

Custom Print Design

Project Description

This was the type of project that I would love to venture into doing more of, a custom print design for an individual. Jasmine contacted me about producing a graphic that she could have printed and framed for a loved one at Christmas time. Based on the lyrics of a song and incorporating them into the design I was able to create something that Jasmine was extremely excited about.

If anyone is looking for something like this in the future, please reach out, these types of projects give me a project to spread my graphic design wings!

Project Details

Client: Jasmine
Date: December 14, 2019
Skills: Miscellaneous Projects

Graphic Design Skills Used

  • Layout Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Copy Writing
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography

Initial Concepts

Revisions Requested

Turnaround Days

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