Project Details

Client: Colby
Date: January 2023
Skills: Logo Design

Initial Concepts

Rounds of Revisions

Turnaround Days

The Client

Colby reached out via my website and was looking for a new logo for his farm and oilfield business. This was a unique situation where I didn’t once have an in-person conversation with the client. I sent him my standard logo design questionnaire and Colby mentioned that he trusted me to see what I could come up with. The logo would mainly be used for business cards and apparel so it had to be bold, simple and modern.


Conceptually, Colby indicated that he wanted an oil derrick and a wheat stalk included in the design. For me, I felt this was a little too “on-the-nose” for an eye-catching design that would separate him from his competitors. Now, I am a man of the people so I was sure to include his requests in one of the concepts, but I wanted to take a more conceptual approach to some of the other concepts to maybe get Colby’s creative juices flowing on what his logo could be.


I created 7 different designs, based on 3 concepts. The first was incorporating Colby’s idea of the oil derrick and wheat stalks. I tried to do it in a simple and modern way by creating 2 variations of circles with the wheat stalks and placing 2 different versions of an oil derrick in the centre. The second concept is just a variation of that idea, but using more modern wheat stalk drawings and placing them in a more free-flowing way. The final concept was replacing the oil derrick with an oil drop and utilizing the various wheat stalks to create 3 different ideas.

Once the concepts were viewed by the client – he asked for some minor modifications by utilizing a different wheat stalk in the concept he liked. From there, I set about adding colour to the design. Colby was adamant about including a metal (platinum) texture – which I explained won’t work great for apparel, but he still wanted to see it. In addition, the design allowed to break the “oil drop” into two different colours (if desired). I presented a variety of colour combinations that I felt would match the message Colby was trying to send to his potential customers.

In the end, Colby decided to go with the metal texture (as can be seen from the image above). The typefaces used match the feel of the logo, by offering a BOLD and SERIF font for the business name and a simple, non-serif secondary font that allowed the large number of characters to fit with the design and still be legible.

Logo Design - Platinum Farm & Oilfield Services - Arktos Graphics
Logo Design - Platinum Farm & Oilfield Services - Arktos Graphics


The final logo communicates everything Colby desired. A BOLD, EYE-CATCHING, MODERN logo that can be used on business cards, truck decals and apparel. The combination of the wheat and oil drop instantaneously delivers the message of what services Colby offers. At the end of the day, the customer knows what they are looking for – it is my job to create something that delivers the message they are looking for, even if it isn’t exactly the idea they have in their head.

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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