Steadfast Rentals is a company started by Travis and his wife as an extension of his parent company Steadfast Services Inc. The purpose of the rental side of his company is providing new, fun and exciting options to people and companies running golf tournaments, birthday parties or other forms of large group gatherings! Currently, he offers 4 diverse product lines that will breathe new life into any event his clients may have in store. I met with him way back in December about the potential of our two companies working together. Having a history in the golf industry I was very intrigued by the products he was offering and welcomed the opportunity to work directly with him.


I sat down with Travis over the course of 2 or 3 meetings and discussed his vision for his company and marketing strategy as he launched his new business. As with every website we determined the main focal points of his website. In this case, they were determined to be:

  • Products provided
  • Ambassador program/benefits
  • Different and New experience the products offered
  • FUN


The best part about this project is that Travis had spent some time and money on getting professional pictures and a promotional video created. When a company takes those kinds of steps prior to starting their company, it offers so many more opportunities to create a visually stunning website. Using those items I wanted to focus on the products they offer and events Steadfast Rentals could work with. I initially designed a product page using graphic cutouts and designs for the imagery to create a sense of excitement and fun. We weren’t as successful with that design as I had hoped, so we made some minor adjustments to the layout of the initial product page to better suit what Travis had envisioned. Once we nailed down the layout of the product page(s), I used the same idea/template to build out the rest of the offered products from Steadfast Rentals.

From there, I create a homepage that works as an “executive summary” for the site. Straight geometric shapes and the provided imagery were used to create creative backgrounds and layout the information in the most user-friendly way. We then used their Ambassador program to focus on some of their partners and provide links to those websites.

Colour theory was based on the Steadfast Rentals logo using strong reds, greys and contrasting whites. The type was chosen for both readability and attention-grabbing. The headers were done in a bolder font in order to create the proper separation of information, as well as to draw attention to the important details of each product.


The site does everything possible to communicate Travis’s vision for his company. The sleek, sophisticated design instantly provides users with useful information and engaging content like videos and images. It’s so much fun to create websites or any graphics project when you truly enjoy the service/product and believe in the hard work and determination of the people running the company – and Steadfast definitely represented that for me.

Check it out: