Project Details

Client: Dwayne & Matt
Date: April 2020
Skills: Web Design
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The Client

As the COVID pandemic of 2020 took over the headlines in the spring, the Innisfail Golf Club approached me about creating “buzz” for their restaurant, Divots, and their plan to offer take-out and delivery services to the fine folks of Innisfail. With the uncertainty of how COVID would affect the golf industry and thus, the restaurant which makes its home there, we devised a social media plan to get the word out that Divots would be offering a great selection of food through take-out or delivery. 


During our consultation, I worked with the management team in developing a social media strategy for their new venture. With the menu having enough difference from their full-time menu, it was quickly determined a landing page should be created as a place to drive the traffic from the social media campaigns. The creation of a landing page would also provide analytical information on the success of the social media campaigns so any adjustments could be made along the way.


The creative process was relatively simple as I needed to keep the branding and the look similar to that of the existing website. Using some stock photos and CSS-created tables I was able to display the new take-out and delivery menu in a visually-appealing way. Next, we added instructions and links to both email and phone numbers for the club to try and make ordering as easy as possible.

The new landing page was paired with a few different social media ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to drive traffic.

Innisfail Golf Club - Landing Page - Web Design - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, AB


The final design is a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate design that flows nicely with the rest of the site. Combining them with social media campaigns led to some excellent success with over 2,000 page views and over $2,000 in revenue for the two weeks the take-out and delivery were available prior to COVID laws changing allowing Divots to open. 

Graphic Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, CSS and Layout Customization

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