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Innisfail Golf Club

The Innisfail Golf Club has been a valued client of mine for over 13 years, and our partnership has evolved through various projects and updates. Our journey together began right after I graduated from Graphic/Web Design school in 2011. The club needed a fresh online presence, and I was thrilled to design their new website.

Since that initial launch, we’ve redesigned the site multiple times, each iteration reflecting the club’s growth and changing needs. In 2024, we embarked on a particularly exciting project to commemorate the club’s 100th anniversary. This milestone deserved a special touch, and with the launch of a new logo, it was the perfect opportunity to align the website with the club’s refreshed brand message.

Project Details

Client: Dwayne/Kendall
Date: January 2011
Skills: Web Design
Visit: https://www.innisfailgolf.ca/

Number of Pages

Total Years Managed


For Platinum Fitness in Innisfail, I envisioned a highly functional website that makes it easy for visitors to find key information about the gym—membership rates, equipment/facilities, and contact details.

My focus wasn’t just on developing a new website; I aimed to help Stephen build a cohesive brand. This meant creating impactful imagery, establishing a text hierarchy, and crafting a branding message centered on strength and inclusion. These elements would serve as a foundation for Stephen’s social media channels and any future marketing materials.


At the end of the 2020 golf season, I approached Dwayne and his team about updating the look and feel of the site, as it had been 6 years since we had looked at it. Through our discussions, we nailed down some specific goals that were important to the club in this venture.

  1. Create a new, fresh look for new and returning visitors alike
  2. Update the layout to reflect the changing focus of the club
  3. Increased mobile-user functionality
  4. Increased SEO rankings with more SEO-friendly tags, titles, formatting, and content
  5. Increased visitor numbers (including the length of stay, pages visited, etc.)
  6. Consistent branding message across advertising platforms
  7. Create more CTA (call to action) – directing people to ‘Book a Tee Time’ and different parts of the website

The redesigned website features a sleek, user-friendly interface that captures the essence of the Innisfail Golf Club. From lush course images to detailed membership information, every element was crafted to enhance user experience and reflect the club’s high standards. I ensured that the site was not only visually appealing but also functional, with intuitive navigation that makes finding information a breeze.

In 2024, it was time to update the site again for not only the launch of a new brand and logo but for the 100th anniversary. This latest redesign wasn’t just about aesthetics. It was a celebration of the club’s legacy and a nod to its future. We integrated elements that highlighted the club’s rich history, from archival photos to timelines of significant milestones. At the same time, we showcased modern amenities and upcoming events, creating a dynamic blend of past and present.

Web Design - Innisfail Golf Club - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta
Web Design - Innisfail Golf Club - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta
Web Design - Innisfail Golf Club - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta
Web Design - Innisfail Golf Club - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta


Working with the Innisfail Golf Club for over a decade has been an incredible journey. Each project has allowed me to push creative boundaries and deliver a product that both we and the club are proud of.

The final redesign of the Innisfail Golf Club’s website is a prime example of cutting-edge web design. This mobile-friendly, modern, and photo-focused site is packed with stunning visuals and strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons that guide users seamlessly through their journey. Whether they’re looking to book a tee time, learn about membership options, or explore upcoming events, these CTAs make navigation effortless.

This redesign is more than just a visual upgrade; it’s a strategic move to position the Innisfail Golf Club for future growth. By blending graphic design principles with modern web design techniques, we’ve created a site that stands out in the digital landscape. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue this partnership, helping the Innisfail Golf Club navigate the digital landscape and reach new heights in its storied history.

Web Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, Photography and Editing, CSS and Layout Customization.

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