Project Details

Client: Philip & Ashley
Date: December 2021
Skills: Marketing & Branding

Total Number of Design

Turnaround Days

The Client

Another project was completed in 2021 for Electrogas Monitors. This time they were in need of customized trade show panels designed targeting specific industries or product lines they serve. I have created multiple trade show panels and even another entire different booth for Electrogas over the years, but as they continue to expand their business – their needs change.


Conceptualizing each of the trade show panels is different in its own ways, as some require more organization of information, while others required more focus on visual interest and attention-grabbing aspects. Finding the right supporting images and using the Electrogas branding guidelines, I was able to accomplish both with these designs.


Panel 1: Turnaround

The  Turnaround panel was created using custom brochure and corporate brochure designs for the same subject as the jumping-off point. I needed to simplify the information for the trade show panel, as 9 times out of 10, people at trade shows won’t spend a ton of time reading information. From there I laid supporting all the information with simple and modern design techniques including icons and strong titles.

Panel 2: Fire Response Solutions

The fire response trade show panel was definitely more about drawing attention using strong imagery than it was about providing a ton of information. With two different manufacturers offering similar product lines the imagery had to be generic, not supporting one over the other. I was able to find a great representation of the targeted product lines and supported it with simple heading texts and logos.


The completed designs are modern, informative and visually striking. The flow and organization of the information fit the requirements of each individual design. Strong imagery, supported by heavy heading fonts perfectly combine to create bold banners that clearly define each panel’s message.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Photo Editing; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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