Project Details

Client: Philip & Ashley
Date: December 2021
Skills: Marketing & Branding

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The Client

Another project for the folks with Electrogas Monitors. This time they were in need of a custom design to showcase their extensive lines of Thermal Imagining Cameras. Having a portfolio of multiple manufacturers can sometimes create challenges in building marketing materials. However, my goal is to take all the brands and create a document that does just that – accurately and graphically representing all items that fall within a family of products.


Conceptually I wanted to create a document that used a simple but bold image to capture the reader’s attention. Luckily, when it comes to Thermal Imagining Cameras – there are plenty of opportunities for that. As for the information, I needed to develop a strategy that would allow multiple brands to be accurately represented in the design. I created an idea of using icons to easily portray each camera’s top 4 selling features. This would allow for easy comparison and draw attention to the most important information.


I found a great picture of a firefighter utilizing a thermal imaging camera with a large fire in the background. After applying some cool Camera Raw Filters, I used a large typeface for the title of the flyer. From there the addition of the company logo and contact information and – boom! The front was done.

For the back, I used images of each of the cameras and paired those with the icon idea I mentioned above. The red-coloured icons immediately draw the readers’ eyes and display the most important selling features of each camera. The supporting text and headlines are simple and black – providing a bit more information about the cameras – nothing too fancy here – just bold, modern and easy-to-read.


Visually striking, informational, simple and clean. This flyer design was something that was quite fun to put together – regardless of its simplicity. The overall look and feel of the design is something I’m super happy with and hopefully helps the sales team at Electroags get these cameras into their customers’ hands.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Photo Editing; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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