Project Details

Client: Scott
Date: March 2021
Skills: Social Media Graphics

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The Client

Scott and Destroyer Lacrosse has been a client of Arktos since 2011. We have had the pleasure of being with them every step of the way – from logo and website design to custom flyers and apparel design. Over the last few years, Destroyer has changed tactics in how they run their business and partnered with The Dome in Red Deer to offer their lacrosse camps at that beautiful new facility.

Scott reached out a number of times through 2021 and was in need of custom social media graphics he could use to promote the different camps they were offering during the summer months.


The design of the social media graphics was quite a challenge to decipher, as there was a lot of information that Scott wanted to be included. Normally, when it comes to social media graphics, it is best practice to keep them more simple and include most of the information in the post or caption, but in this case – we had to layout the design in a way that would facilitate all the important information.


The overall creation process for each design was to first layout the required text in a hierarchy that would allow the most important details to be easily picked out. From there the supporting graphics were built from a combination of provided photography and stock imagery.


Social media is an important part of every business’s marketing program and it is important the graphics support your branding message and are visually stunning. These graphics created for both Facebook and Instagram do exactly that for Destroyer Lacrosse. 

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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