Project Details

Client: Innisfail Golf Club
Date: April 2020 & Sept. 2020
Skills: Marketing Materials

Initial Concepts

Total Revisions

Turnaround Days

The Client

My home golf club for the past 23 years, the Innisfail Golf Club, approached me in the early spring of 2020 asking me to design their new scorecard for the 2020 season. In seasons past, the club had farmed out the design and printing cost of the scorecard to another company. The major downfall to this was that the club could not receive the advertising revenue from those willing to sponsor the scorecard.

Later in the season, the club was hosting their first-ever “Heritage Classic”, which would allow members to play the golf course in its originally 18-hole configuration. After a discussion with the management team, we proceeded to design a scorecard to reflect this original rotation to not only provide directions to those who had never played the original course but also a wonderful keepsake for those who participated.


The overall conceptualization of the card was similar to the cards used in seasons past, with the advertising space being the most essential aspect of the design. During my meeting with the management staff, there wasn’t too much they wanted to see changed other than the outside picture and some of the information that had changed over the year.


New 2020 27-Hole Scorecard

As mentioned above, the overall design of the card did not have to be altered too much, but the card did need to be recreated from scratch, as I did not have access to the original scorecard file. Using Google Maps I was able to recreate the course map and green charts – as they were originally graphically created by the previous company. From there it was just a matter of inputting all the relevant information and making some slight adjustments to the organization of the writeable space.

Heritage Classic Scorecard

Using the New 2020 27-Hole Scorecard as a starting point, I simply reordered the holes, yardages, par, and green charts to reflect the original layout of the golf course. I also edited the course map to provide some sense of direction to those who were unfamiliar with the original layout. From there I added an image to the front of the card from the early 1980s, which was provided by one of the members and viola – a great little keepsake!


The final designs gave the club an opportunity to utilize some dedicated space for advertising and to generate some more revenue. In this particular case, I designed or edited all the ads shown on the cards as well. The configuration of the new design also provided a more useful writeable area than the designs of the past. Hopefully, the club will continue to use this design in the future.

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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