Project Details

Client: Tracy & Marcos
Date: July 2020
Skills: Marketing & Branding

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The Client

Kulik Strategic Advisers Inc. is a consulting firm dedicated to the needs of public entities that provide both health and social services. I have worked with them in the past to complete other projects such as a new website design, customized logos, and PowerPoint presentation stacks. They were a relatively newly formed company and thought it would be a great idea to develop a branded press release they could use to draw attention to their new company and the experience its two employees possess.


The biggest challenge, as with any custom marketing materials is combining the amount of information that needs to be included in the document with the branding identity of my clients. In this case, with the recently built website, we had a bunch of new branding inclusions that we could use and build out the design from there. I needed to ensure that the document could be used in both print and email applications, so the design had to be simple and easy to read – all while drawing the attention of the audience with some visually appealing elements.


I began the creative process by laying out some of the elements that were recently added to Kulik’s brand identity through their web design. From there, it was a matter of figuring out how to include all the content into a two-page document. Using fonts and colours font within their identity, I was able to create a structured document that would be visually beautiful when printed – and clear and concise when emailed. It had enough visual interest to draw the attention of the reader combined with the breathability required for such a “word heavy” document.


The custom-designed press release for Kulik Strategic Advisers is a perfect example of the step companies should undertake when introducing themselves to the world. Not only do items like this introduce your company, but they introduce them to your brand, your message, your values. Press Releases, Company Profiles, Flyers – they are all options when it comes to furthering your marketing strategy and brand building.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Photo Editing; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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