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Logo Design - Oyen Eagles

Project Description

This one is a bit of an interesting one. The boys from the Oyen Eagles baseball team first contacted me to simply edit an existing logo. When they sent me the original file, I could tell they simply found it online somewhere. I was hesitant and express concerns in using a copyrighted logo and the problems that it creates. They understood but wanted me to proceed with the changes anyways. I did and when they sent it into their hat manufacturer they refused to embroider it…citing copyright infringement. So the boys came back to me asking for an entirely new logo. We bounced several ideas around finally ending on the one seen here (left). I have included one of the other versions for this logo only because it was a very creative idea proposed by Dustin himself. The team outvoted him with the eventual winner – but the feathered ‘O’ is definitely something unexpected and would have looked great as well.

Project Details

Client: Dustin
Date: July 25, 2017
Skills: Logo Design

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