Project Details

Client: Cherry
Date: May 2022
Skills: Logo Design

Initial Concepts

Rounds of Revisions

Turnaround Days

The Client

Picture this. It’s May, and Joleen and Cherry are my friends, they reach out to me to help them design a logo for Cherry’s new business venture: a photography company specializing in landscape, animal, and portrait photography. I love helping people with their projects—it can be difficult to provide harsh truths about concepts, ideas, and suggestions—but at the end of the day if you can create something they love? It’s all worth it.


Conceptually, this was one of the easiest logos I have created in my time as a graphic designer in Alberta. Cherry and Joleen had a very good sense of what they were looking for – the name that they had chosen was a big reason for that. Viridian (is a colour) and Rose, well, we all know what a rose is. They were adamant that these two elements were very prominent in an ELEGANT, BOLD and CLASSIC looking design. I wanted to create something that looked professional but also displayed the passion that Cherry has for photography and this new venture she was embarking on.


Research is just a fancy word for drawing inspiration from other sources. When looking for an idea, I start with the client’s vision and then explore similar industry logos, related imagery, and any other source I can think of. A great way to get juices flowing about a project is to do a quick sketch of what you hope the concept will be. For Cherry’s logo, this sketch was based on the initial idea she had sent me – but with subtle variations. Once I had created a flower that I liked, I drew two stems that worked well with the flower and the overall concepts I was going for.

Logo Design - Viridian Rose Photography - Arktos Graphics

I skipped a step I would normally take with a client. Usually, I do my concepts in grayscale, but Cherry was adamant about her colour choices. So, I used the same petal layout for each of the concepts and found a variety of typefaces that would work in creating the elegant and classic logo Cherry was after.

I used simple and contrasting white as a secondary colour with some of the designs and placed the drawing within a circle to give it a more complete and “logo” feel. I felt the sticker look would give Cherry the opportunity to use her logo for the watermark on her photographs and help build recognition for her new brand. 

As you can see from the final logo design at the top of the page, Cherry decided to go with a more open and clean-looking logo. The flow of the flower works great in both portrait and landscape orientations and paired with the cursive, hand-written typeface – the final product is stunning.


The final logo communicates everything I had discussed with Cherry and Joleen during our consultation. An ELEGANT, MODERN and PROFESSIONAL logo that can be used on business cards, social media channels and as she grows, other marketing materials. The message needed to start with creativity, as her job as a photographer is exactly that. Combining the imagery and colours she wished to have included presented its own challenges, but we were able to work together to create a final logo that should set Cherry and her company up for great success in the future.

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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