Project Details

Client: Dean w/RDGCC
Date: December 2020
Skills: Logo Design

Initial Concepts

Rounds of Revisions

Turnaround Days

The Client

After completing the redesign for their logo, The Head Professional of the Red Deer Golf & Country Club reached later that winter wanting to develop a new logo for their Golf Simulator area…which would be known as Hawk’s Alley. 

Hawk’s Alley was going to a state-of-the-art golf facility that would allow the members of RDGCC to keep their skills sharp year-round. The staff at RDGCC named their new facility after the simulator equipment (Foresight’s GCHawk) – so we set off to create a logo that would work with their current rebrand, as well as create some excitement for their new facility. 


The concept for the design was pretty straightforward, Dean and his team wanted to use the newly designed RDGCC logos as the blueprint for the new Hawk’s Alley logo. They wanted to replace the deer head with that of a hawk, but keep everything else quite similar to the 100th-anniversary logo we had created earlier. 


With a very clear plan and guidelines, I set off drawing two separate eagle samples for the management team at RDGCC to decide between. From there it was just the simple matter of placing the selected eagle head in the same circle design as the 100th-anniversary logo and adding the words in the appropriate places.

Hawk's Alley - Logo Design - Red Deer, Alberta

As you can see from the designs above I took two approaches to the hawk head drawing. The first was a more modern take with more lines and symbolism with the roadway design to accompany the hawk head. The staff at RDGCC felt this design was a little too modern and “on-the-nose” to properly pair with the other logos they have in their current branding scheme.

The second concept was more in line with a sports team logo. The hawk head is far more detailed and evicts more emotions than the first concept. Once we had decided upon the concept, it was just a matter of finding the right combination of colours and sizing of the typeface to present the message accordingly. 


It is always exciting to work with repeat customers and this project was no different. The staff at RDGCC were very clear in their design choices and the message they wanted to convey. The final design is elegant, simple and modern. It evokes feelings of power and prestige tying into the long history of RDGCC and its other new logos.

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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