Project Details

Client: Brett & Randy
Date: November 2020
Skills: Logo Design

Initial Concepts

Total Revisions

Turnaround Days

The Client

I had Brett and Randy reach out to me through my website in mid-November 2020, looking for a logo design for their new social media management company they were preparing to launch in Red Deer. We had our Zoom meeting to have a quick conversation about their brand and goals for the company. The important message they wanted to convey was that they were a results-based firm that was focused on the performance of executing social media campaigns to produce the desired results.


Brett and Randy had created so rough ideas of what they were looking for in terms of the design. They really liked the idea of using the initials of the company ‘AM’ and thought that would be a good starting point for what they hoped would be a simple, clean, and modern design. From there, I did some more research into the social media management industry to understand what imagery and concepts could be important – connecting, bringing people together, and the growth of the business.


The creative process began basing my designs on the information received during the consultation. The eight initial designs provide different options in terms of graphic representation of the concepts related to their business – connecting people and growing your business (found on the left of the image below). In addition, I create some cleaner designs that used current graphic design trends such as negative space design and 3D looking designs.

Logo Design - Aspire Marketing - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta

The initial concepts were sent to Brett and Randy and after a short discussion period, something that rarely happens happened – they didn’t require any revisions to one of the concepts. They respond really loving the top left concept (3D-looking) and wanted to proceed moving forward with that design. So the next step is to add colour to the designs. Colour selection can always be tricky as it does set your branding in motion. These colours not only create psychological feelings but will be used as the main focus of all marketing materials moving forward.

Logo Design - Aspire Marketing - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta
Logo Design - Aspire Marketing - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta

The colours the clients mentioned they were leaning towards were blacks/greys, blues, reds and yellows. I created 6 different variants of colour options for them to evaluate and in the end, they chose the yellow/gold/black combination. After that decision was made, I set forward in creating more visual interest with the colour by using another graphic design trend – gradients. The gradients allowed me to create more of a realistic gold look for the final colour scheme. Although there can be some drawbacks to using gradients in things like embroidery, the majority of uses for the logo can use gradients to create the desired visual interest.

Logo Design - Aspire Marketing - Arktos Graphics - Red Deer, Alberta

The final ask from the clients was to see if there are any elements that could “add” to the overall design of the logo. I played around with the addition of some geometric shapes to support the idea, while still remaining mindful of the overall message they wanted to convery. In the end, we all felt that none of the concepts added anything of significance to the logo so the decision was made on the final product you see at the top of this page.


The final design communicates all the messages that Brett and Randy were looking for in the design. The nature of the design pays homage to the mountains and how succeeding in business is like climbing a mountain and how Aspire Marketing can help get you to the top. It is a clean, simple, and modern take that instantly conveys the ideas of professionalism and performance.

 Graphic Design Skills Used: Vector Graphic Creation; Layout Design; Colour Theory; Typography

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