Project Details

Client: Electrogas
Date: September 2020
Skills: Web Design
Visit: Contact Tracing Landing Page
Visit: Purchase Landing Page

Number of Pages

Turnaround Days (per Page)

The Client

In a concerted effort to really promote these two new features of one of their products, Electrogas and I discussed the best ways to reach the most people in their targeted industries. We developed a plan that included custom designed brochures, social media ads, and these two separate landing pages.


With Electrogas being a customer of mine for 10 years, our existing branding guidelines provide an initial direction for any graphic/web-related project I undertake. In addition, each of their manufacturers not only has its own guidelines that must be followed but allow access to vast media and informational libraries to build whatever it is that you need.


Contact Tracing

In today’s (2020) craziness, the Blackline G7 monitor and subsequence tracking software are able to supply contact tracing for each of its wearers. This feature quickly became a point-of-difference for the G7 and needed to be advertised.

The design stuck very closely with the existing pages on the website, sometimes this isn’t the case with landing pages, but in this situation, we felt it would be best. Using screenshot imagery and adding the Blackline-created video to the page allowed for the most important question of “How does it work?” question to be answered easily. High-resolution product imagery was then paired with SEO specific text to create the final look.

New Purchase Option

The second landing page was to market the new purchase option available with the G7 gas detector. Product imagery, custom created graphics, and content to communicate how the new option was different were the main focus in the design process. The page is a simple design that utilized different font and background colours to draw attention to the right content, the price, the options and the product itself. 


The final designs are a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate landing page that flows nicely with the rest of the site. Combining them with social media campaigns led to some excellent success with over 4,000 page views, which was about 15% more than the initial target discussed during our consultation.

Graphic Design Skills Used: Website Structure, Layout Design, Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, CSS and Layout Customization

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