Electrogas Monitors ltd.

Poster Design - Feature Products

Project Description

In one of my marketing meetings with the team at Electrogas, they discussed the desire to draw attention to specific products throughout the year. Through that discussion, we came up with a plan that would include 2′ x 3′ poster designs, product inserts and social media ads for all of their channels.

For the poster designs, the overall concept is to showcase the product and the major selling features of each. There are some branding stipulations that have to be followed by the manufacturers of these products but it has been a great opportunity for me to showcase my creativity.

Project Details

Client: Ashley
Date: Continuous
Skills: Marketing Materials

Graphic Design Skills Used

  • Layout Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Copy Writing
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography

Initial Concepts

Total Revisions

Turnaround Days per poster

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