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Logo Design for Dual Safety Services

Project Description

This one is for my old boss from my old oilfield days. Shortly after I left the company we worked for he decided to venture out on his own as well and obtained his safety & auditing certifications. Once he did that he was off and running, like the salesman he is, obtaining clients and booking jobs just days after he started his company. He came to me in a panic looking for a logo. With the name picked out, he gave me full creative freedom on the logo. I wanted to keep the logo simple and to the point. I steered away from common “safety” related shapes and colours to allow his logo to stand out from the crowd. Blaine must be happy with the logo, as I have found a few golf balls out on some golf courses with the logo on it!

Project Details

Client: Blaine
Date: March 21, 2016
Skills: Logo Design

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