CTL Corrosion Technologies

Website Design

Project Description

I have known Barry and Marg of CTL Corrosion Technologies for years and they contact me in the summer of 2018 to have a rebuild of their website done. Their old website was outdated, static and definitely need a fresh look. Using the Divi Theme, I was able to create a completely responsive and clean design. The graphics were all created using images provided by them (no stock images!) to connect the website to their viewers. The most important addition to the website, outside of becoming responsive, was the addition of the “What is Cathodic Protection” page. This page will allow people unfamiliar with their business to learn about exactly what their company does and how it could benefit them. The hope is to drive more people to the site, thus, creating more business.

Website Inclusions: Copy Editing, Graphics Creation, Content Writing, CSS and Layout Customization, SEO

Project Details

Client: Barry & Marg
Date: September 19, 2018
Skills: Website Design
Visit: http://www.corrosiontechnologies.ca/

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Amount Rebuilt

Initial Turnaround Days

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