Kent, the owner of 731 Hub City Storage, also wanted to create a new logo for a real estate investment company. The discussion was brief as he didn’t overly have any specific ideas or direction for me to go. The only thing that he was adamant about was that he wanted it to look elegant, professional and international. So after the brief consultation, I set out with my creativity to build him a logo he would be happy with.


With negative space being such an increasing tool using in all forms of design I knew that I wanted to incorporate its this particular design. I started drawing ideas based on housing and other real estate imagery but wasn’t really feeling like that was the best representation of what his business is. So, scratching those ideas I moved on to focusing on the lettering. When designing for a professional business, it is always usually to examine the lettering involved and how it could be built into a logo.


The creation process started by taking the logo sample that Joelle and Adam sent me and modifying it to include arrows, as they specified they wanted during the client briefing. I also wanted to create a second option for them to provide a different perspective as we moved along in the logo design process. By designing the original files in greyscale allows the client to focus more on the elements, instead of falling in love with a weaker concept simply because of the colour choices.

McLemore Investments - Logo Design - Red Deer, AB
McLemore Investments - Logo Design - Red Deer, AB

Once I had created the lettering-based logo that I was happy with, I sent it to the client. After reviewing the design he asked to fill the negative space section of the logo with part of the world map. Once I had the appropriate imagery nailed down (see above) it was just a matter of combining them into something that was legible and professional. From there, the addition of elegant and professional colours and supporting typefaces for the logo.

The colour palette combines neutrals like black and gray with the elegances of a sharp golden gradient to give the logo the sophistication Kent was looking for. When the colour was set it was about matching the logo with the correct typography to finish it off. For this particular logo, I selected¬†TIMES for the ‘McLemore’ section of the logo and Hei Light for the supporting font. The serif look of TIMES lending itself perfectly for the elegant & professional and when paired with the sans serif nature of Hei Light, it creates the modern feel needed for the logo.

McLemore Investments - Logo Design - Red Deer, AB


The final product is elegant, clean and versatile. The simple layout of the logo allows Kent to use it in any capacity he needs, in a horizontal layout, stacked layout or simply just the graphic or text on their own. It is a perfect example of less being more. Confidently displaying the messages Kent was looking at when starting this new business. Professional. Experienced. International.