The Royal Canadian Legion is an honoured organization throughout our great country and Branch #104 in Innisfail, Alberta is no different. Members of the Executive Committee approached me asking about the potential in redesigning their existing website to something that was more useful and visually compelling than their existing site. During my initial consultation with the GM and some members of the Executive Committee, finding solutions to their existing issues was pretty straightforward. They needed a website that was not only information and easy-to-use but something that would draw the attention of new members to the Branch.


The initial meeting went very well. I had spent time going through the existing site and defining a list of issues/problems that I saw within the build of the site. Most of it came down to the lack of information that was provided. It is important anytime you venture into the world of online advertising that you clearly understand everything that is required to produce something that will provide benefit to your company or organization. Otherwise, you are just throwing money down the drain.

After going through the lists of issues I saw with the initial site, I wanted to get a better understanding of what they were looking for with the new site. In the end, it had to be informational, list the club events that were ongoing throughout the year and advertise the spaces they had for rent or donation for the community. So at the end of the meeting, it was my goal to accomplish the following:

  • Update the website design to something more modern and attractive
  • Create more pages filled with information on the Branch and its involvement in the community.
  • Showcase their facilities and make it easier for visitors to contact the branch to book them
  • Add an ‘Event Calendar’ to the site to display events easily and effectively
  • Increase SEO rankings using standard methods
  • Restructure and reorganize site for a simple and user-friendly experience


In order to create the website, I first tackled the task of creating the homepage. I always like to start the process with the homepage as it usually gives you an executive summary of the entire site. Using some supplied imagery, some obtained from The Royal Candian Legion Head Branch, some photos I took and a few stock images, I was able to create a visually interesting layout for the homepage. I segmented the homepage into areas that Branch #104 wanted to focus on. The events they provide to their membership, the facilities they have to rent and what the Legion itself stands for.

The subpages were built out focusing the administrative details of the Branch. Branch history, rules, regulations, events, facilities and community involvement were all areas that were focused on throughout the site. The live event calendar is prominently displayed on both the homepage and within its own subpage so the audience is always up-to-date on the events occurring. 


The end result is something that the customer and I are both extremely happy with. It is a great representation of the organization, the values that The Royal Candian Legion stands for and the benefits of becoming a member of the organization. It communicates the messages the Executive Committee was seeking to with their websites.

Check out the finished product: