Joelle is a good family friend and has been for many years. She has spent countless years in the Auto Financing industry, working for such prestigious car dealerships as The Truck Ranch, in Innisfail and Adrenaline Motors, in Sylvan Lake. Her extensive knowledge of the financial industry and how it applies to the automotive industry sets her up perfectly as she ventures out on her own and opens Forward Auto Leasing. A recent mother of two she and her husband, Adam, thought this was the perfect time to start a small company that would focus on helping higher risk clientele get into a vehicle, all well helping them improve their credit.


The conceptualization of the logo design was actually started from Joelle and Adam. They had used some software/websites to try and put together an idea for their logo. That initial logo which they designed was sent to me along with some supporting images that they had found on Pinterest, Vistaprint and other websites in hopes that I could create a final logo they wanted to represent their new business (see images below).


The creation process started by taking the logo sample that Joelle and Adam sent me and modifying it to include arrows, as they specified they wanted during the client briefing. I also wanted to create a second option for them to provide a different perspective as we moved along in the logo design process. By designing the original files in greyscale allows the client to focus more on the elements, instead of falling in love with a weaker concept simply because of the colour choices.

Joelle and Adam decided to go with their original idea, once I had polished it up a bit, so from there, it was about adding the final touches to give the look and feel they were after. We selected a clean and modern font with the selection of DIN Alternate Bold. From there adjustments were made on the type orientation to a stacked orientation to better balance the negative space of the arrows.

Colour was the next step. Joelle had found a business card template on Vistaprint that she loved and wanted to incorporate that colour palette into the design. Once I had researched the colours and knew that they would work at communicating the branding message Forward Auto Leasing was looking for we went ahead and applied those colours to the design. Adding gradients give the design much-needed depth and elegance. 


The final design is a clean and sophisticated layout, paired with modern imagery and typefaces. The message of experience and expertise gleams from the design – which was an important result for Joelle and Adam. They are extremely happy with the outcome and couldn’t wait to put it to work on business cards, a website and customize stationary.