Dane’s Heavy Duty Repair is a previous client (logo and business card designs) that approach me first to discuss the need/cost of getting a website up and running. He is a driven, young entrepreneur that took his years of experience working with industry-leading mechanic companies and ventured out on his own. He wanted to ensure that his brand was reaching his potential clients – to help further grow what is already an impressive start to his company’s history. 


I sat down with Dane and his wife, Whitney to discuss the possible inclusions on the website. We came to the conclusion that the design would end up focusing on:

  • Services provided
  • Industries served
  • Dane’s qualifications and experience
  • Family owned and operated
  • Provide multiple contact forms/phone numbers
  • Simple design structure


Starting the design I know I wanted to focus on strong mechanical imagery, a bright and contrasting colour palette and bold, easy-to-read typeface. Once I had those important items nailed down it was time to set the organization of the layout. In all honesty, the website truly built itself. I started by focusing on what services Dane’s Heavy Duty Repairs offer to its customers. That melded seamlessly into the industries they can work for and then into a small photo gallery of the work they have done. Finishing up with, I took the focus to the people behind the business, the family vibe and experience that Dane brings to the table. Finally, a simple contact form and listing of available phone numbers and email addresses finish the design.

The final touch was to create a link based menu that would allow desktop users to easily navigate through the one-page website design. Although the design and its process was a very simple one – the completed product displays all the necessary information in an eye-catching and organized fashion. I also wanted to ensure that as his company grew, so could his website. The organization and layout of the current design will lend well to expansion in the future.


The site does everything possible to communicate the ideas of who the client is and what messages they wanted to put out there. Clean, simple and bold designs not filled with a ton of design tricks are usually the most appealing….depending on the client’s business.

Check it out: